When I was developing a 2D game, I found a problem about the hierarchy when two role overlap, whitch role should on top?

the best way to resolve the problem is using sortingorder in sprite.

        float yPos = chartransform.position.y;
        //spriterenderer为角色的Sprite Renderer组件
        //通过改变sortingorder来确定gameobject在sortinglayer中的order in layer
        //scale用来扩大y轴数据映射在层级上的影响,根据游戏中实际使用的素材尺度来确定,取100 1000都可以
        spriterenderer.sortingOrder = -Mathf.RoundToInt(yPos * scale);

add codes above in game process script's method of Update. It will caculate sortingOrder regarding role every frame base on the value of Y position.


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